FreshBooks Integration

Gameplan makes billing clients easy with our custom FreshBooks integration. Gameplan gives you the ability to create billing worksheets for all time entries tracked. You also have the ability to create custom invoices with FreshBooks for any client within Gameplan.

The process is simple.

Connect FreshBooks with Gameplan

  1. Click Profile in top right navigation
  2. Click the Integrations tab
  3. Click the Settings cog on the Freshbooks box
  4. Add API URL and Authentication Token found in FreshBooks, My Account > FreshBooks API
  5. Click Save

Sync Gameplan with FreshBooks

Syncing is only required if you have created clients in Gameplan prior to integrating your FreshBooks account with Gameplan. After activating FreshBooks integration, each new client created in Gameplan will be simultaneously created in FreshBooks. Updates in Gameplan will also update the linked account in FreshBooks.

  1. Click Sync after saving API credentials ( Reset button may be used to unlink clients in Gameplan from FreshBooks if necessary )
  2. Check the Gameplan clients that you want to be created in FreshBooks. If clients already exists or multiple clients are found in FreshBooks, Gameplan will do its best to make a match. Instead of checkboxes to create a client you will see choices in a select box.
  3. Click Submit

Create and Send FreshBooks Invoices

  1. Click Time button in the main navigation menu
  2. Click Create Invoices above the time entry calendar
  3. Choose which invoice method, Billing Worksheets or Custom Invoice

Billing Worksheets

Billing worksheets are based on your team's time entries that are saved in the system for a certain time period. Each time entry that is assigned to a client can be added to an invoice to bill.

  1. Select the Clients you want to bill time for
  2. Choose the Date Range you want to search for time entries
  3. Click Create to create the worksheets
  4. Once the worksheets are created, click each Time Entry you want added to an invoice
  5. When finished going through each client, click Create Invoices to prepare invoices

The next screen will be the actual invoices that you can edit and send.

Custom Invoices

Custom invoices work very similar to FreshBooks invoice interface. After clicking Custom Invoice, select the client you want to invoice from the dropdown and fill in the other necessary items and tasks. When done you can save it as a Draft or Send it right away and move on to your next invoice.